Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Working on replication aspects

ToDo for today
1. Fix the bugs in document placement.
2. After the bug is fixed , start replicating the document on the local node to the next replication node, based on popularity....

The current problem I am facing is that I am getting seperate document keys for the same document, something is really going weird in here.
What are the possible problems:
1. I am not reinit the seed whenever I get the random value for the document. That must be the issue there...Fix that...
Implemented Push/Pop Mother Stack
Still debugging

2. Fixed the problem of different assignments to same document for same group : the sibling table formation for each node was not complete....
3. Fixed another bug: When sending to other groups for all keywords for current document, need to exclude my own group !!.
4. New bug: Global popularity update issue: why is it updating different document ids for same document ??

Later on things:
Search for deals for Dell
or Mail Peter if he has an extra machine mainly for internet access.

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