Friday, December 23, 2005

What are the main things left now ?

How do we do the visits ?

One idea is to just visit one of the keyword groups. Then that keyword group decides to forward the query further to the global node or other keyword groups, that is its choice.... Till 1:30 today

I am facing two bugs here:
1. First of all the chosing a random keyword for first time storage somehow always chooses the same keyword ! ( Stuff)
2. For the same keyword and document title, the store request is going to a different node in the relevant group for that keyword.


The issue I am facing now is that why doesn't the random number generator work ? Is there a memory leak somewhere ??

Problem resolved: In the keyword hash function I was reinit the Mother random generator each time ! which caused the random number to be re-seeded each time !!. Subtle bug

The main steps for today are:
1. Check if the routing to home node and other keyword group nodes works, when the keyword is inserted for first time for a particular document.
2. After that, add the replication aspect so that for its chunk of data for each node. Depending on the popularity of the document, each keyword group replicates the document in its group...periodic replication...


The parameters we have in the system are:
1. Size of the group
2. Rates for discovering siblings, updating successors etc
3. Replication update rates.
4. How is local data broken into for replication into the local keyword group.
5. The popularity information pushed to the global document node and back : its rate

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