Friday, December 30, 2005

Going ahead with replication and GIFT/SIFT routing

My goal is to finish my Phd till March 31st. No excuses. Whatever it takes, finish it FAST...

I think I have got the Replication mostly worked out. Things to do mainly are:

1. We need to mangle it so that the new node falls in the same group !!. This is important. So we basically mangle the bits except the group number.

2. Test by insterting more documents than just the slashdot stuff. Insert lets say upto 350 documents and then see what happens !!

3. Need to change the reply system so that it also looks at the replica tables to return replies....

-----------GIFT routing-----------

After that add auto GIFT update capability based on caching...

1. When doing normal node routing, insert a answer bit along with home node ip. This way everytime the node routing is done, it returns its address to the initial node so that it can add it to its GIFT table !!

2. After that, whenever we need to go for a keyword search or store, we can directly use the GIFT routing to go the right group and then jump to the right node in the group...


Is the replication period same for all nodes ??? It doesn't make sense to replicate if lot of new information or visits haven't been done...Keep
a visit counter and execute replicate based on number of visits to node....Formula => visits =

OPTIMIZATION : Adaptive replication : each node has a different replication schedule based on number of updates to the node....

Testing for replication
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